Basketball Technology

Basketball Construction

A type of basketball where the entire outer surface [1] is produced together with the molding of the carcass. This technique is used with our outdoor basketballs.

CARCASS and COVER Provides structure for the inner components. With high-end rubber balls, a coat of paint is applied to enhance a better grip and look.

[3] WINDINGS Nylon windings add structural integrity and durability to the ball.
[4] BLADDER  High-end butyl bladder that maintains air pressure.

Basketball Construction

A type of basketball where panels [1] of leather, composite leather or synthetics are fixed onto a rubber carcass [2] by hand. This technique is used for our indoor and indoor/outdoor basketballs.

COVER provides good grip, feel and aesthetic appeal to the ball as well as necessary strength and abrasion resistance.

CARCASS provides structure for the inner components.

[3] WINDINGS Nylon windings add structural integrity and durability to the ball.
[4] BLADDER  High-end butyl bladder that maintains air pressure.

New ZK Material (Legacy) [1]: This newly designed exclusive material with advanced moisture management control is engineered for high caliber indoor play. The soft carcass and deep channel design gives this ball a softer feel and improved grip.

The COVER material provides superior grip and soft feel while maintaining Spalding’s rigorous standards for material strength and abrasion resistance.

The Spalding Neverflat basketball holds air 10 times longer than traditional basketballs resulting in consistent rebound height for at least 1 year. Guaranteed.

  • Exclusive patented NitroFlate© Technology
  • Special valve prevents air seepage
  • Excellent grip and ball control

Rookie Gear Technology

Spalding Rookie Gear provides a lighter ball, for a better experience. Spalding Rookie Gear is designed to weigh less than standard youth balls for kids until 8 years.

A lighter ball creates a better experience for kids, allowing them to practice proper fundamentals more easily and build the confidence they need with a ball that is appropriate in size and weight. Watch as your young athlete learns faster and performs better than ever before.

  • Weighs 15% lighter than traditional balls
  • Premium Soft Grip Technology Cover

Grip Control


Because of its high-end composite surface and the higher pebble design this ball has a superior grip as well as a new and improved touch.

Soft Grip Technology

The new developed, two layer sponge rubber design gives a soft grip, perfect game characteristics and a very long durability in category of outdoor balls.


SizeCirconflexWeightAge category
774,9 - 78 cm567-650 g14 years and older
672,4 - 73,7 cm510-567 gwomen, youth u 14
569 - 71 cm470-500 gu 12
465 - 67 cm370-400 gu 8
355 - 58 cm300-350 gu 6



The ball for inside courts. Made either completely out of genuine leather or composite leather.


The ball for outdoors. With minimum leather content or made completely from rubber, for great grip and ballhandling.


Ballsize 6


Ballsize 5


The TF-series includes neutral Competition balls


Balls with NBA logo


Balls with Euroleague logo


genuine leather


Balls made of composite leather with different leather / plastic components.


Balls with durable rubber surface