Team sport specialists –

not just a statement.

As team sport specialists, uhlsport GmbH is dedicated to the three leading team sports in Germany: football, handball and basketball. That means that in each area we focus firmly on the needs of the respective sport – especially in terms of product development. For uhlsport GmbH the logical consequence of this vision is a multi-brand strategy. The brand itself thus already says why the product is the way it is. Namely, in order to precisely meet the needs of the respective sport. Each brand's every product has been specifically produced for the sport concerned. Just as a football boot can be no substitute for a handball boot, there is also little in common between the respective sports' clothing. The product range under the uhlsport brand name is thus tailored wholly to the wishes and needs of football, Kempa brand products to those of handball and the products marketed under the Spalding name to those of basketball.

Our brands embody an honest message and have an unimpeachable tenor that becomes permanently tangible in our products for everyone:

  • continual and professional product development for the benefit of the true needs of the player
  • top product quality and optimum functionality